Monday, April 7, 2014

The bargain hunter in me won out

While running my contest on the main blog last week, I decided when shopping for the gift certificate from Dave & Adam's card world that I would treat myself as well.

Damn electronic shopping, makes life way too easy.   Especially when there are good deals to be had.

One of my hockey card weaknesses has always been the Black Diamond set.  For years, however, I've managed to stay away from this temptation.  Well, while shopping D&A's had a deal I couldn't resist.

2010-11 Black Diamond blister packs (3 packs of 5 cards each) for $3.99 apiece. 

Ouch.  When I see deals like this (1 pack normally is $3.99), I usually pounce.  So I bought 5 of them.   The deal with these packs is that they were returns from retail outlets.  When I see something like that, I don't get my hopes up.

In the end, I really didn't fare all that badly.  You know me though, I have to bitch a little.  Marty Turco was all over these packs!

That actually made me laugh.  I also pulled a couple of Jonas Hiller as well.  But this time, there was some good luck to go with the bad luck.

Double and triple diamonds, I pulled 3 each. 

Casey Wellman has played 12, 15, 14 and 13 games in each of his 4 NHL seasons.  That's just plain crazy.  Alex Plante has a grand total of 10 NHL games, and the hockey reference website has a transaction listed for him on July 18th of last year, but what it was, they don't know.   It's blank.  A little research and I found out that he signed in the Austrian hockey league. 

The other triple diamond and the doubles were all solid pulls, recognizable names always help when you pull rarer cards.

The quad diamonds?  I pulled two of those...not too shabby for me.

Jeff Skinner RC!!  Mike Richards is also a great pull.  Definitely no complaints there. 

Now, I never expect to get any jersey/auto cards from these types of packs, but I definitely was surprised with this card.

For me, that is one helluva pull.  Ryan Miller quad jersey!!  Even better was that all the swatches weren't just one color.  One of the best pulls in a while for me. 

Speaking of goalies, I also bought a box of a product that has nothing but goalies in it.  I'll show that off next time.

thanks for reading, Robert

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