Saturday, April 5, 2014

Joe Sakic PC is up to date

I actually found a group of Sakic cards that I bought a while ago that I hadn't entered into the PC. 

They are now entered; 20 more cards are officially part of the longest running collection that I own.

Lots of color, and chrome, and silver parallels becoming part of the collection.  The total is now at 341 cards, because a quick perusal of the list turned up a couple of dupes. 

Just 84 more to go to reach the 2014 goal.  I'm pretty confident that I'll get there, but reaching the goal probably will not happen until later this year.  I'm trying to finish up some of the vintage set goals first before I start tackling the PCs.

But knowing my fickle nature, that thought process may change in an instant.  We'll see.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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