Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another unique add to the Sakic collection

I never had seen one of these discs until a seller on Sportlots added it to my order a couple of weeks ago.

I cut off a bit of the top of the disc, but you can still see the Team Rivals designation.  This disc was released the year after the Panthers and the Avalanche met each other in the Stanley Cup Finals.  This particular disc was only available via redemption from jars of Kraft peanut butter.

Here's the back:

I looked through the checklist, which contains 72 discs, and surprisingly found that there were none that featured Wayne Gretzky.   Joe Sakic has a 2nd disc in this set that features only him.  I imagine that putting a set of these discs had to have been difficult back in the day, as they were released in several different Kraft products in Canada. 

Nonetheless, another great addition to the Sakic collection at a price that can't be beat.

Thanks for reading, Robert