Thursday, April 24, 2014

An "abandoned" PC: Keith Tkachuk

Back about a decade ago, I actually had 3 hockey player PCs on the go, but as you all know the only one that I maintained over the years was the Joe Sakic.

One of the smaller PCs that I had was a guy that I really liked as a player, even though he never played for the Leafs (boy I wish he did though).  Keith Tkachuk was a no nonsense type of player, he could beat you on the scoreboard, or in the alley.  Twice in his career he had a season with 40+ goals and 200+ penalty minutes.   Great for your fantasy team!

I actually found the small collection of cards in one of the many boxes I was looking through over the past week.  There were only 44 unique cards, but they definitely represented the glitz that was the card craze in the 90's.  Needless to say there were lots of Pacific products in the mix...

Fair warning, do not adjust your computers, this next scan is quite loud!


Ahhh yes, the pride of the Pacific line.  That Revolution card in the upper right corner might be the loudest card that I own.  Kind of fits in with the jersey, doesn't it?

There are also a fair number of Tkachuk's that were horizontal...

The Pacific 2000 team leaders card in the lower right corner is one of my favorites.  The silver Coyotes logo looks really cool, and even though I've never been someone who believed that Phoenix should have a team, I've always enjoyed the Coyotes logos, past and present.  The Omega copper parallel of Tkachuk and Chelios is a pretty cool card as well, simply because by the time the summer of 2014 rolls around, this card could feature two Hall of Famers instead of just one.

Yes, I'm hoping that Tkachuk will get voted into the HHOF in 2014.   I think that 538 goals should merit him strong consideration, even though he never had the chance to raise Lord Stanley's mug during his 18 year career.   It is going to be tough, because there are numerous worthy candidates for induction. 

This PC is something that I've hemmed and hawed about restarting some day.  It's probably something that will have to wait quite a while, simply because of the large number of sets and collections that I want to complete.  Stay tuned, because with my fickle nature, you just never know.

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Nice stuff! Love those older Pacific cards.