Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rich Peverley has heart surgery

When Rich Peverley collapsed on the Dallas Stars bench in a game March 10th, the hockey world kind of took a step back and rallied around one of their own.  A lot of players and some coaches tweeted their best wishes for Rich. 

I can't even imagine what his teammates and coaches went through while Rich was being attended to.  I believe that my shock would have mirrored what Alex Chiasson experienced.

It was announced today that Peverley had heart surgery to correct an abnormal heart rhythm, and it is still unknown whether he will play hockey again.

2013-14 Upper Deck #314

The surgery was done at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the best hospitals in North America.  Here's hoping that Rich has a quick and speedy recovery and is able to get back on the ice sometime in 2014-15.

The March 10th game between Columbus and Dallas was postponed, and will be replayed April 9th.  Both teams are fighting for playoff positions in their respective conferences, so this game should be quite intense in big D.

Best wishes Rich!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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