Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1995-96 Upper Deck Special Edition

Another one of the many busted insert sets that I started collecting back when I bought anything and everything, the 95-96 Upper Deck Special Edition set consisted of 180 cards.  While most of the cards are action shots, I found what probably is the best card in the set.

Especially if you are a Detroit Red Wings fan:

Paul Coffey with an octopus on his stick is a classic photo.  If you're not aware of the octopus legend in Detroit, take a look at this page on NHL.com for the story of how the octopus became a part of playoff hockey in the Motor City.

A quick look on Sportlots shows that most of the cards are priced at the base $0.18, although for some strange reason the cheapest Steve Yzerman card is listed at $1.49.  Thank goodness I already have that one.

I need about 80 of the 180 cards for the set, so I'll probably break down and buy the rest sometime and then show off the entire set for you. 

Thanks for reading, Robert