Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Losing it

The last half dozen games for the Leafs have been heartbreaking to endure.  6 losses after coming back east from the first 3 games of a difficult road trip. 

The playoffs looked all but certain back then.   Now, the Leafs are part of a 4 way tie for the 2 wild card spots, and they are in the worst spot of all 4 squads, having played more games than any of the others.

For myself, I have something to rejoice.  Max from the Starting Nine blog sent me the first hockey cards that I have received from a fellow blogger since I start the "Just another HC blog".   A trio of Leafs to take my mind off of my teams struggles...

Even if the Leafs lose it, and fall out of the playoffs altogether, these three players are going to be vital cogs for the franchise going forward.  If people wonder if Tyler Bozak should be mentioned as part of the core, I would tell them to look at the 1st line's struggles while he was out hurt.  Then when he returned they became maybe the most dangerous unit in the NHL. 

By the way, any card that features a Leaf in their '67 style sweater is an instant hit in my book.  I will have one of those for myself some day.

For whom does the bell toll?  The bell tolls for thee....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Happy to help ease the pain 2.5x3.5 at a time. Looks like my Devils are in the same playoffless boat.