Sunday, May 4, 2014

1984-85 Topps Mike Gartner

Simple.  That's what this card is.  Nothing fancy, like most of the Topps/OPC sets during the 1980's.  Maybe that's why I really like this card. 

84-85 Topps #143

Even the back of the card is simple and easy to read.

Gartner is probably one of the most under appreciated goal scorers of my lifetime.   708 goals during 19 seasons in the NHL, 6th all time.  27 more as a 19 year old in the WHA with the Cincinnati Stingers (one of the greatest WHA logos in my opinion).   Mike scored 40 or more goals 9 times.  Add another 8 seasons of 30-39 goals.   Probably one of the most dependable offensive threats during the 80's and early 90's.

Why no hobby love for this guy?  Probably because he never won any hardware.   No scoring titles.  No Stanley Cups.  Never made a 1st or 2nd all star team.  All he did was consistently show up and put pucks in the back of the net. 

I remember picking this card up at a show in Canton, OH a few months back for 50 cents and thinking that it was a pretty good deal.  Maybe one day people will figure out how good this guy really was and his prices will climb.

Or, if people haven't figured it out by now, maybe they never will....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Totally agree, a very under-rated player. Great card from one of my favorite sets!

  2. That set was the high water mark for OPC and Topps. So nice to look at.