Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hockey card of the day--2014-15 UD MVP #138 Gustav Nyquist

  • I need to pay closer attention to more teams in the NHL.  I had no idea that 2015-16 was Gustav's 5th season in the NHL.  I only remember hearing his name on telecasts during the last 2...
  • Another player doing well for himself even though he hasn't had a huge season numbers wise in the NHL yet.   27 & 28 goal campaigns have earned him a 4 year contract with a cap hit of $4.75 million.
  • The odds on the horse bearing his surname today are 3-5 (as of this writing).  Almost not worth betting on....
- Robert

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hockey card of the day--2012-13 OPC Stickers #S-82 Logan Couture

  • 19 points so far in the playoffs...maybe headed for the Conn Smythe trophy?
  • I didn't know that he made $6 million a year.  Not bad for a player who hasn't scored more than 32 goals or 67 points in a season.
  • Would love to know how this photo was taken.  It appears that someone was right behind the net as the photo was snapped...
- Robert

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hockey card of the day--1979-80 OPC #38 Wayne Stephenson

  • Great mask.  The days of the full fiberglass mask are long gone, but there were some great designs on them back in the 70's
  • Wayne didn't debut in the NHL until he was 27 years old.   He spent a decade in the league with the Blues, Flyers and Capitals.  Wayne won a Cup with the Flyers in 1974-75
  • The first jersey number that Wayne wore in the NHL with the Blues was 25.  Not sure if any other goalie in the league ever wore 25...
- Robert